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-Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Covet by Felicity Heaton

What a beautifully written story of forbidden love and desire.
Heaton flawlessly tells the story of Javier,one of the vampire elite and Lilah, the human bonded to another, making her forbidden territory. Their night of succumbing to desire and the danger that it puts them both into is an exciting fast paced read. Not only is this an erotic adventure that will leave you needing a cold shower, it's also about love and trust. Heaton writes believable characters and weaves their back story seamlessly into Covet, making their hot union even more fun. Not only is hot sex between the pages, but an exciting, breath holding fight between the powerful vampires, and a sweet ending, that only makes you want to read more about the characters involved. This is definitely recommended!
Check out Felicity Heaton at her  website.
If you like all things paranormal, you have to look at her collection of books! I can't wait to start on the Vampire Realm series, and they're on sale now at Barnes and Noble and at  Amazon.

I own a Nook so most of my purchases will be from B&N.
I picked up the first three books of the Vampire Realm series to read for my reading challenges.

I will update you as I read them, but they look like fun reads! :)

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