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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vampires For Valentines Day Winners!


The Winner of all 4 books is Wendy! 
She has been notified and is enjoying her books as we speak.
[  I hope :)  ]

3 lucky runner ups will be enjoying their copy of The Vampire King! 
They are :  
Heather Book Savvy-Babe, Mary Reiss , Ashley Anne Applebee

I know that you guys will love the books! 

Remember, if you didn't win you can always buy them from Amazon.
Click the titles below and pick up yours today!

 Please stop by and look at what these amazing authors have to offer. If you didn't win, you are still able to enjoy them! Add them to your lists now so you don't forget, or click today and pick up your copies.
If you have read a book and enjoyed it, please review it. Let everyone know what a great book it is!
Happy reading friends!



    1. Thank you very much! Heather already sent the book!

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