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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seithe, By Poppet

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Jul 19, 11  

5 of 5 stars
Read in July, 2011

Seithe is a refreshing take on the Vampire myths, and I was "sucked" in from the every beginning. Her characters are true to life, dealing with issues that we all face. We are all have major decisions to make in life, and some have hellacious results. When you love someone, lines become blurred, and it's not always easy to trust your gut. Especially when others interfere with their own hidden agendas. People are complicated, and the Vampires are even more so. The world Poppet writes of, is very real, and the supernatural elements were terrific! I couldn't get enough of Seithe, the book, and the Vampire. (as well as the others!) Phoebe was pretty kick but, too! I also have high hopes that maybe a series is in store for us? I definitely want more of this world in my future.

If you love vampire stories, especially the steamy kind, Check out Seithe. You will not be disappointed. This was a very yummy, fun read ;)

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