We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, January 6, 2012

In My Mailbox: I Won! Edition

Romancing Christmas Wins & More!
I think I made out rather well, don't you?

Nova Sparks, I won book one and two from the Dome trilogy.


Kristen James,  Ember's of Hope


The Demon in Me, Some Like It Paranormal
(It was waiting in my mailbox the other day!)

From Some Like It Paranormal

Exlibres (Stella),  A Love by Any Measure,  K. McRae

Catch Me, I'm Irish, Z Apocalypse Babes

Karenna Colcroft  Little Black Dress , Rockin Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve on Olympus,  book 1 1/2,  Lisa Beth Darling

Vampire Realm shorts , Felicity Heaton

Prescription For Love, by Fiona McGrier

What I've Bought So Far:

Pandora's Box,  Gracen Miller

The Heart of War, Child of War-A god is born (of War series) Lisa Beth Darling

Circulatory System, Reena Jacobs

Prophecy, Child of Light bk1 ,  Prophecy, Celestis & Aurorea bk2, By Felicity Heaton

Who I Want To Read 
Venix by Poppet
Felicity Heaton Vampire Realm
Gracen Miller Road to Hell series (have book one)
The Demon in Me part two and three
J.D. Tyler Alpha Pack series
Stephanie Tyler The Eternal Wolf Clan series

Sorry for not adding links, this was a lot of work, lol!
Have a great Friday all :)

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