We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Crash of '08 and The Lost Galaxy

 The year of 2008 was a wonderful time for me creatively. I had one idea that I was working on that really had me in it's clutches. I was researching at the library, scouring the internet, even making calls to the Human Genome Project people. I had files upon files of research. I had created a whole new world, a few of them actually. Hell, I had created a whole new galaxy. I was extremely happy building my world. It was a lot of work, but I loved every moment of it. At the time, I was "lucky" enough to have been working part time, only two days a week. So, while the kids were at school, I used my time wisely. I was going to write my masterpiece! Well, one of them anyway, and then the crash of '08 happened.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. It was extremely hot though, and the air conditioner was blasting out freezing cold air. The trees... OK, honestly, I have no freaking idea what it was like out side. The sun is almost always shining in Texas, and it's always hotter than hell here. At that dark period in my life, I could care less about trivial things like the weather. What I do know is by the end end of that horrible day, I was a distraught, basket case.

My husband came to the rescue just like in one of my books. It just didn't work out quite the same. He asked me the most stupid question possible, and he asked it at the worst time ever. He said, "You backed everything up, right?" Let's just say, I saw red, and he was lucky that their was a huge mess of computer parts between us! My husband, bless him, did what he could to try and "save" the hard drive, but to no avail.  The Crash of  '08 completely devastated me. My heart still aches when I think about that time in my life. You would think that I learned a valuable lesson, having to live through those dark days, you would think... It happened again, but I cannot even go into that right now.

You  are probably wondering why I chose to relive that horrible nightmare and share it with you, right? Well, for one thing, with NANO screaming at us from every corner, I just wanted to remind you all to SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE again!  It truly is a nightmare to loose all of your hard work over pure stupidity. Yes, I am calling it what it is. No sugar coating from me. Which brings me to the reason for this post to begin with!

Last night, while searching for a music CD, I was in desperate need of love songs, I came across a disk entitled 'Sonia's Documents'  in my husbands handwriting. I popped that sucker into my laptop and about died. It had all of my research for my lost galaxy, it had a few chapters that I had written, and just about everything. I did loose what I had written that day, which was a lot. 9493 to be exact. I only remember because it was the most I had ever written in a day, and it was the years of my daughters births.

So, now that I'm working on another project, my mind keeps wandering to The Lost Galaxy, not even close to the title, just what I'm dubbing it for now.  Today, instead of working on my current WIP, I cut and paste all pieces into Liquid Story Binder and zipped that baby to my flash drive. I think I need a few more back up flash drives...just in case I loose this one. OHHHH, Got to go!


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