We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look! A distraction!

OK, so the last few days have been hell writing wise.  Since hubby began working nights, I have not been sleeping very well. Waking up at every. single. damn. noise. Also, tossing and turning when it is quiet. I have been letting myself become distracted way to easily. (maybe the lack of sleep?) The last 3 or 4 days, it's been the endless search for just the right music.  Laundry. Family. Work. (I have been busy) Then of course, finding The Lost Galaxy didn't help one iota. I know, not a good enough excuse. Sigh... It's all trivial in a writers world. Am I complaining, no. Not yet. :)

Moving on. Last year, during Nano, I found an awesome writing tool called Write or Die. Doesn't it just sound divine?  I bought it. It was/is a bargain at only $10. Now, there is a free version to use online and you can post two different types of progress buttons after your session. Right now, I only have the free version, because, well, my old laptop died, taking Write or Die along with it, so I will be purchasing it again.  The desktop edition allows you to have word wars with anyone else who owns it, you just have to know their user id. I have yet to use that function. Check it out if you are unfamiliar, or it's been awhile. I love it, and so many others do as well, going by their twitter feed, lol!

I used the online version tonight, knowing that I need to give myself a swift kick in the ass. So, I choose 500 words in thirty minutes. Thinking that sounds reasonable, but maybe a little tough If I don't have a scene that's talking to me. Well, it spoke, and I pulled out 664 words in 32 minutes. I only stopped because I noticed my I was over 500 words. Then I had to tell you all about it. Of course, yes, my blog is another damn distraction! I can live with this one though :) So, it's midnight yet again, and I would like to finish up my scene, then head to a nice comfy, though really empty bed, and have another sleepless night. Good night fellow writers and readers.



  1. I haven't heard of this software. Thanks for sharing. I like to sprint in chat rooms. It works well for me and makes me feel like there is a little social interaction between sprints.

  2. Ciara, you are very welcome. I apologize for not responding. New blog, and I forgot about the comment section. LOL! Keep on writing, and maybe we can sprint and chat some time.