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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shar, Book 3 By Poppet

 "You are Asherah No more."
 That one sentence brought tears to my eyes. All I can say is freaking amazing!

Shar, is by far the best out of all three books from the Gods and Thurs series.  If you haven't read them yet, they are must reads. Poppet has done it again with her words and she really knows how to tell a story, pulling you in and not letting you up for air until the ride is over. 

Shar is one hell of a sexy man, er, god who has been looking for his soul mate. When he finally finds her, she is clueless as to who he is, what he is and what she truly is. This tale speaks of a tremendous love and it's powerful journey. To truly love someone, you must have trust, complete trust, and the ability to surrender completely is something that is hard for people to truly accomplish. Let me just say, these two are HOT together!

The very sexy Sibitti make their appearance in the most delicious of ways! This book has everything. From a serious ass kicking between Tammy and...Well, I'll just let you read the book to find out with who. Action, adventure, and some of the most beautifully written erotic scenes. Very Hot! Cold showers will be needed!
I will say again, like in my other reviews, this story isn't for everyone, though it is absolutely amazing. Contains: 
Sexually explicit scenes: Sex, Bondage, Multiple partners, 
So, if you don't like this kind of thing, please don't buy it.

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 Product Description of Shar, By Poppet

The third book in the Gods and Thurs series

At a housewarming party Tammy meets Shar. Life experience has Tammy wanting to run the other way, but Shar has his own agenda.

Erra, Shar's twin brother, complicates life. Adding Ina's jealousy has Tammy running back to Hel, where her support system wait for her.

Sibitti, her black Dacian guard Drako, twin gods, and a strange club called Intoxic - combine to release Tammy from mental bondage, introducing her to a bondage far more tempting and intoxicating.

Taking a journey to her past, Tammy starts living on the edge, more alive now than ever.

Warning: If you have an issue with characters who swear; bondage, or heresy - please do not purchase this book.

From the Author

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